Word Salad

Got one cold for you…

Mangus Khan


I’m prosecuted by an unknown authority
I’m convicted on an assumption.
A victim of irrational stereotype
I’m housed in an asylum of tasty jello

There’s no safe harbor, alone in a crowd.
Like an enslaved extraterrestrial
My freedom, My Existence
Outlawed; off limits.

Like a bite of the forbidden fruit
I’m lost in a fog; its dampness feels like velvet.
Hospitality is just as foreign tranquility.

Yet, I still wander while wondering what I’ll find.
Perhaps, lushwords are scattered in thick notebooks.
stuck in old buckets, tucked away willy-nilly in rusty cabinets.

Whew! What a polyoquentdoozy!I guess I’ll shut up now.
Has anyone got a beer? I need something to revive me.

~thank you for reading~

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