This is the Dupree Special

He had fans all over the world, the young and old … dragg-ed and dirty blues singer

  1. A ugly woman

Yes I am talking ‘bout my wife

Can’t kiss her good-bye.

  • What is blues about?

All ‘bout losing a woman

And getting her back

  • Nobody loves me

And nobody seem to care

Poor boy got bad luck 

  • Champion Jack Dupree

Cannot be left in no strain

… Back to his woman

  • No more third degree

 I served all my time in jail

Jail’s waiting for you

  • He does it easy

Pressing black and white buttons

On the piano

  • Got bad blood Mama

Doctor Jack has got a needle

Down come medicine

  • A Dupree special

Jack and Professor Longhead

Alone, together

Jasta Poet has written a lot poems and stories while listening to Champion Jack Dupree and believe me I never feel blue with the Champ by my side.

Champs of Champs …

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